It was love at first sight and it can happen to you too. Introducing Nice Guy Freddie, the genuine real deal. A Dutch-German label based in Berlin. Nice to meet you!


No more fumbling for that blasted phone again. Never miss snapping the perfect moment, or getting the call you were waiting on with our revolutionary eco phone cords. Like a man bag, only it’s doesn’t discriminate genders. With an eco-friendly phone case and an adjustable strap in a multitude of colours, what’s not to love. 


Now bringing you the next-level accessory for your phone cord: a detachable pouch for all your important stuff to make your life 3000% easier.  A bag where you always have to take your phone out of when it rings? Those days are over now. Simply attach the pouch to your phone cord and you're good to go. That's all folks.


Nice Guy Freddie is the new BFF you didn’t know you needed. Perfect for travelling to the moon, dirty dancing at festivals, smashing your piñata or spicing up that daily commute.


Word on the street is it's the new thing. Slickly styled and handmade with love, there’s a look for everyone. Thanks Nice Guy Freddie. Give him a chance. We know you’ll love him too.