Bill’s a real winner, a nautical lover who goes everywhere looking like he’s about to jump on a yacht, with subtle pirate undertones. His beard for example. And his skull and crossbone tattoo. Subtle. Rest assured he’s not afraid of a good storm and won’t jump ship when the going gets tough. Fit for the seven seas or just the backyard paddling pool, this is a style for those that don’t give a ship.

Anchor Bill

Phone Model
    • The clear, transparent silicon phone case is reinforced in the corners to protect your phone if it took a shortfall - which it won’t. Because you wear it like a necklace or across your body. Safe and sound, and by your side always.
    • The cord has a lustrous shine, feels smooth and dirt slides right off. Non-toxic and safe for the environment (OEKO-TEX®). The cord is adjustable to assure the perfect fit.
    • Compatible with wireless charging (QI).
    • This phone necklace is also available with an eco-friendly phone case made from a sustainable mix of wheat straw and non-polluting, chemical-free bio plastics.
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