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Bill’s a real winner, a nautical lover who goes everywhere looking like he’s about to jump on a yacht, with subtle pirate undertones. His beard for example. And his skull and crossbone tattoo. Subtle. Rest assured he’s not afraid of a good storm and won’t jump ship when the going gets tough. Fit for the seven seas or just the backyard paddling pool, this is a style for those that don’t give a ship.

Anchor Bill

Phone Model
  • Our nauty Anchor Bill phone necklace is slickly styled with a blue, red, white coloured cord and a clear transparent smartphone case. The cord has a lustrous shine, but more than just a pretty face it’s feels so silky smooth and dirt seems to slide right off. It assures the perfect fit with the adjustable cord. The silicon phone case is reinforced in the corners to protect your phone if it took a shortfall - which it won’t. Because you wear it like a necklace or across your body. Safe and sound, and by your side always. 


    A phone necklace may just be the new BFF you didn’t know you needed. Perfect for the fashionista, the festival goer or the power woman always running between meetings. Thanks Nice Guy Freddie. We know you’ll love him too.