This Mademoiselle is rather chic. Marie likes to go for long walks along the Seine and French kiss in the rain. A romantic through and through, who seems to fall in love with every Jean Pierre she meets. With her eau de parfum, her loose cigarette and dark sunglasses she always chooses the right details. Perfect for the fashionista always on her A-game.

Marie Cherie

Phone Model
    • The clear, transparent silicon phone case is reinforced in the corners to protect your phone if it took a shortfall - which it won’t. Because you wear it like a necklace or across your body. Safe and sound, and by your side always.
    • The cord has a lustrous shine, feels smooth and dirt slides right off. Non-toxic and safe for the environment (OEKO-TEX®). The cord is adjustable to assure the perfect fit.
    • Compatible with wireless charging (QI).
    • This phone necklace is also available with an eco-friendly phone case made from a sustainable mix of wheat straw and non-polluting, chemical-free bio plastics.
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