Courteous, graceful and just a little bit presumptuous she commits to a more sustainable environment with this bio-friendly phone case. With her glamorous presence she passionately debates with handsome lords and dukes. As part of our eco-friendly Naturals collection the phone case is made of wheat straw and bio-plastics. 

Royal Rouge + Bio Pink

Phone Model
    • Eco-friendly phone case made from a sustainable mix of wheat straw and biodegradable, recycled plastics.
    • Produced exclusively from old casings and agricultural leftovers to protect the environment and resources.
    • Non-polluting plus free of chemicals and toxins like BPA, lead and phthalates.
    • Due to the natural materials, our pink phone case, like all other eco-friendly cases in light colours, is extra porous so that it absorbs dirt faster and develops a patina. It is better to avoid contact with liquids, food, pens and jeans pockets. You can clean the cover with dish soapy lukewarm water with a sponse. For stubborn stains, you can use alcohol. The black cases do not suffer from this and hide dirt and stains as the best.
    • Compatible with wireless charging (QI).
    • The cord has a lustrous shine, feels smooth and dirt slides right off. Non-toxic and safe for the environment (OEKO-TEX®). The cord with a total length of 160 cm is adjustable to assure the perfect fit. Finishes in gold.
    • This phone cord is also available with a clear, transparent plastic bumper case from our Unicorns collection.


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